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     5244 pcs

    Direction For use:
    1. Place the collar ring on the rim of the WAX HEATER.
    2. Remove the plastic lid from the WAX HEATER.
    3. Adjust the wax-can holder on the wax-can for easy handling.
    4. Turn the temperature control knob and set the dial on “6” until the wax achieves a liquid consistency. This process lasts approximately 25 minutes. For faster heating place the lid on the warmer.
    5. Once liquid, place the dial in middle place. The temperature will remain constant throughout the day. It is important to test the temperature of the wax by placing a small quantity on the inside of wrist, adjusting the dial accordingly.
    6. When the wax is finished, lift out the can. Using the wax-can holder while the warm is still warm.
    7. Turn the warmer off every evening by full turning the dial counter clock wise. Cover the warmer with the clear lid to keep the wax dust-free.
    8. To clean the warmer, use wax clean with the machine off and while the warmer is still slightly warm.
    9. For a new usage, repeat steps 1 to 8.

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