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Home Daren teach you how

Now more and more people will choose to organize steam electric iron clothes, but you know how to use a steam iron is right for you? Let the home of someone to teach you how to use a steam iron bars.

The first time you use the steam iron, iron should first read the manual carefully instructions on the presentation of more detailed enough to let you know, depends on iron is produced domestically or imported, foreign voltage electric irons have requested , pay attention to see whether the steam iron voltage match.

After reading the instructions, to start using a steam iron, it should first iron core power lines yellow and green color line is grounded, that the purpose is to prevent leakage, the risk of electric shock, endangering human health.

Plug in the power, turn off the steam button, and then the steam iron erected dosage cup water, iron reservoir volume determines how much water was added. If you want better maintenance of steam irons, then add boiling water is best demineralized water cooled to prevent the resulting scale. If the water level in the glass containing iron, can be observed within the reservoir water level, carried out with water as needed.

There are signs on a steam steam iron fabric marker, iron power, the temperature control knob is screwed into position between the wool and linen files on the indicator lights up. When the indicator is off, the soleplate temperature has reached the desired value. If water inside the iron, steam discharge, can be ironed.

Steam irons can dry ironing the cloth, but be sure to accurately determine ironed fabrics varieties, and then adjust the temperature control knob to achieve the most suitable floor temperature, you can start ironing fabrics, after ironing finish, and then steam knob adjust to the 0 position just fine.

After ironing finished, turn off the steam iron button and all the residual water Iron drained, then the temperature knob to the most high-end electric heating, wait inside the water completely evaporated, then turn off the power, the temperature adjustment knob back to the lowest gear, until the iron has cooled, packed in dry collection.

Steam iron use for some time, if iron jet hole beneath the floor of white powder appeared, half and half white vinegar and water can be used to reconcile the injected steam iron water tank, heating ten minutes, gently shake the iron to be able to carefully clean all parts, then poured vinegar and water solution, then rinse several times before ironing.


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Home Daren teach you how

Now more and more people will choose to organize steam electric iron clothes, but you know how to use a steam iron is right for you...

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